“Music is life. That is why our hearts have beats!” (Author: Unknown)

Welcome to Maggie's Music studios in Hampshire / Surrey in the U.K.   

Registration is OPEN for pre-schoolers / beginners from age 3 to 103.  You are never too old to learn new skills!
Individual and group tuition - learning to play piano and understand music theory
We use "Wunderkeys" (ages 3-4), "Tales of a Musical Journey", "Piano Safari", Piano Pronto's "Road Trips", Piano Pronto's Prelude, "Piano Trip to London" (ages 4 to 7+) and Daniel McFarlane's "Supersonics" (all ages), and more.  

Older beginners (juniors, teens, adults and seniors are welcomed!  
The musical journey chosen for all students is evaluated and matched with their learning style and tutor books are chosen to ensure the best possible musical journey.  

Do you already play the piano but would like to learn more skills?  Check out our new group classes as well as individual classes.

History of Composers - once or twice a month classes available to understand where music comes from.  
We are looking at 'time capsules' of great composers through the ages.  Our composer of the month started with...  John Williams:

  • John Williams began a successful career as a composer for the movies.   You have probably already heard many examples of his music without realizing it! 
  • John Williams composed the theme song for Star Wars, Harry Potter, Superman, Indiana Jones, the Olympics, and so much more! 
  • Unlike most famous composers, he is still alive (born 1932, currently aged 85)!

Partner Lessons - once or twice a month partner lessons available for playing duets and having fun while learning to play music! 

NEW: "Sarah and The Magic Piano".  Why not learn to play along with a film soundtrack.  This is an experience of playing the piano while accompanying a film/video and hearing the storybook read. Highly recommended.  Click on the link/picture below to find out more.  

Ongoing THEORY classes for all ages (primary/teen/adult level classes) - Music Theory classes are available to add to individual piano lessons, learning to understand what's 'under the hood' of the music you play with your instrument.  Learn all about notes, rhythm, scales, chord structure, circle of fifths jazz notation and so much more!  All grades taught for ABRSM and Trinity (both group and individual classes available for all ages).  

NOTE:  All recommended books and course materials are included with each student's monthly payment plan. so you don't need to purchase your own books and materials.​

​Click on the 'Contact' link/menu above to request more information.  Don't delay, contact us today to avoid disappointment!

Our Studios offer the following opportunities for your family's musical journey: 

  • Individual PIANO and THEORY lessons: all ages, from preschoolers age 3 through to seniors age 103!
  • PIANO and THEORY partner/groups: all levels of ability, from beginner upwards
  • Examination preparation: A.B.R.S.M. and Trinity College music exams, Initial/Prep, grade 1 onwards
  • In-studio lessons and Skype or FaceTime lessons to meet your family's needs
  • Learn to play "just for fun": let us know what you want YOUR musical journey to be!


Qualified, experienced, award-winning professional teacher.  If you are looking for music lessons for both you and/or members of your family at our Studio, please use the 'Contact' link/menu at the top of this page to let us know the kind of tuition you are looking for to meet your needs.

You may want to learn to play just for fun or work more seriously towards graded examinations.  Whatever your current knowledge is, this is where we start from.  Your musical journey takes you to where you want to go.

We look forward to meeting you - why not contact us now to avoid disappointment to get your preferred day and time for your private music lessons.  

Maggie George, L.R.A.M.  smiley 

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