“Music is life. That is why our hearts have beats!” (Author: Unknown)

Circle of Fifths

Published: Jul 16, 2017  |   Category: Technical info

Ever wondered how it is possible to remember which keys to play to make a piece of music sound beautiful.  Understanding the circle of fifths helps to explain what notes sound well together (black and white notes on the piano, sharps and flats, keys, major/minor) and more. This link is probably one of the better explanations of the circle of fifths and is well worth watching for all students at Grade 1 level and above. .....Read More

How high - sitting at the piano bench

Published: Feb 4, 2015  |   Category: Practice Tips

This article gives helpful tips about seating height for you when you play piano.  http://www.wellbalancedpianist.com/bpseatingguide.htm.....Read More

Teaching the musical alphabet on a piano

Published: Jan 19, 2015  |   Category: Uncategorized

It is very important to learn to find your notes when reading music.  Starting with the basic music alphabet is key to this.  Here is a blog post I wrote on teaching the musical alphabet (for Music Teacher's Helper). http://www.musicteachershelper.com/blog/getting-innovative-teaching-musical-alphabet-piano/ Thanks for reading......Read More

Sight reading - good habits create good musicians

Published: Jan 19, 2015  |   Category: Uncategorized

Creating the right environment for sight reading.  Here is a blog post I wrote on the Music Teacher's Helper website. http://www.musicteachershelper.com/blog/getting-innovative-teaching-piano-sight-reading/ Thanks for reading......Read More

Teachers using Music Teachers' Helper

Published: Aug 8, 2014  |   Category: Uncategorized

Here is a blog post I wrote for 'Getting Creative with MTH'. http://www.musicteachershelper.com/blog/getting-creative/#   .....Read More

Music lessons for preschoolers - why?

Published: Feb 16, 2014  |   Category: Why take music lessons?

Piano When Preschoolers Need It Most I remember a few years back reading a forum post from a teacher who refused to accept piano students younger than 6 years old… based on her opinion that preschoolers are simply not matur.....Read More

How long should I practice for?

Published: Jan 31, 2014  |   Category: Practice Tips

This is what I have found works well:  "Practice as long as you can stay focused - after you lose focus, you are just building bad habits." .....Read More

Music is a way of life and is so good for your soul

Published: Jan 31, 2014  |   Category: Welcome

Music soothes when you play or sing to yourself, yet can excite you when performing, playing or watching musicians. Music creates a social environment when playing together, improves understanding of rythym, maths, and more.  Why not have music in YOUR life?    .....Read More

Playing IS fun (just try to recreate what you have heard on the radio)

Published: Jan 27, 2014  |   Category: Motivation

Have you ever wanted to learn a song you have heard on the radio or on TV?  Listening to how it sounds can give you an insight into the notes you need to play to create your own version of that song.  Left hand chords with right hand simple melodies, making the music from what you have heard can be very satisfying.  Try it, you may surprise yourself!  Maggie :) .....Read More

Rome wasn't built in a day!

Published: Jan 23, 2014  |   Category: Motivation

When you first starting to learn music, whatever the instrument this doesn't matter, you probably thought you would be able to play quite quickly.  Don't forget that something that is worth doing can take a lot of practice to get to the result you are looking for.  However, you CAN do it - it is only a question of 'how much do you want it' - if you want it enough you can do it, achieve anything you want to.  You just have to want it enough, then you can achieve .....Read More

If you have to cancel your lesson...

Published: Jan 23, 2014  |   Category: Makeup Lesson logic

Please remember to call, text or email at least 24 hours before your lesson if you need to cancel.  It is appreciated that you stay away from the studio if you are not feeling well enough to study, certainly if you are contagious and would pass on your illness.  A makeup lesson is available if you cancel with more than 24 hours notice of your regular lesson time, maximum of 2 makeup lessons a year.  If you know well in advance that you have a family holiday planned, this is not.....Read More

Practice makes perfect so they say...

Published: Jan 23, 2014  |   Category: Practice Tips

All students:  please don't forget to practice what you have learnt in your lessons when you play your instrument before your next lesson.  It is SO important to remind yourself of the new things you have been taught, so practice is the way to ensure that you remember.  Maggie :) .....Read More

Welcome to all new students in January!

Published: Jan 23, 2014  |   Category: Welcome

I had a great Christmas and hope you did too!  It was wonderful to see so many new faces sign up for the first time in January.  I look forward to helping you all with your musical journey.  Happy New Year to you all.  Maggie :)   .....Read More