“Music is life. That is why our hearts have beats!” (Author: Unknown)

How high - sitting at the piano bench

Published: Feb 4, 2015  |   Category: Practice Tips

This article gives helpful tips about seating height for you when you play piano.  http://www.wellbalancedpianist.com/bpseatingguide.htm.....Read More

How long should I practice for?

Published: Jan 31, 2014  |   Category: Practice Tips

This is what I have found works well:  "Practice as long as you can stay focused - after you lose focus, you are just building bad habits." .....Read More

Practice makes perfect so they say...

Published: Jan 23, 2014  |   Category: Practice Tips

All students:  please don't forget to practice what you have learnt in your lessons when you play your instrument before your next lesson.  It is SO important to remind yourself of the new things you have been taught, so practice is the way to ensure that you remember.  Maggie :) .....Read More