“Music is life. That is why our hearts have beats!” (Author: Unknown)

Playing IS fun (just try to recreate what you have heard on the radio)

Published: Jan 27, 2014  |   Category: Motivation

Have you ever wanted to learn a song you have heard on the radio or on TV?  Listening to how it sounds can give you an insight into the notes you need to play to create your own version of that song.  Left hand chords with right hand simple melodies, making the music from what you have heard can be very satisfying.  Try it, you may surprise yourself!  Maggie :) .....Read More

Rome wasn't built in a day!

Published: Jan 23, 2014  |   Category: Motivation

When you first starting to learn music, whatever the instrument this doesn't matter, you probably thought you would be able to play quite quickly.  Don't forget that something that is worth doing can take a lot of practice to get to the result you are looking for.  However, you CAN do it - it is only a question of 'how much do you want it' - if you want it enough you can do it, achieve anything you want to.  You just have to want it enough, then you can achieve .....Read More